Scranton council discovers utility increase not implemented

SCRANTON—During a Nov. 17 review of 2016 budget, Scranton City Council realized utility rate adjustments set for Jan. 1 had not been implemented.

“The trash (fund) has improved, but not a lot,” said Bobi Morris, city clerk. “Electric, water and sewer (funds) were supposed to be raised, instead of mill levies. I just looked at the budget report. We need to do something.”

Morris said additional revenue may be collected through an utility rate increase. The council must adopt and publish appropriate enabling ordinances, which would become effective Jan. 1.

EAT WELL TO BE WELL: Be thankful for farmers who feed you

I was very lucky growing up. I had the privilege of growing up on a family farm where stepping out the back door of my home led to new adventures each day. There were pastures to roam, creeks and ravines to explore, animals to tend to and chores to finish, all while learning lifelong values of hard work, patience, generosity, compassion and family togetherness. Life on a farm is not always easy, but as a kid, it was an idyllic way to grow up and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything.

Trees available for Schuyler's Festival of Trees

The Schuyler Museum, Burlingame, is once again hosting the Festival of Trees Dec. 5-31. Any business, organization or individual who would like to reserve a tree to decorate are asked to contact Carolyn Strohm at (785) 654-3561 by Nov. 25.

Trees are furnished but those decorating need to furnish lights and decorations. Only imagination dictates how a tree is decorated. Visitors vote on the trees by putting money in the box of their favorite tree. All money benefits Schuyler Museum.

First $50 prize claimed in local shopping contest

OSAGE CITY—The first weekly prize in the Christmas on Us annual holiday promotion was claimed last week by Jody Atkins, Osage City.

Atkins found a matching number in the Four Corners Steakhouse and Lounge advertisement that corresponded to a ticket she received from shopping at Grandma’s Attic in Osage City.

She plans to spend the $50 scrip money at the same place that made her a winner.

“I buy a ton of stuff there,” Atkins said.

Grandma’s Attic is one of the 32 businesses participating in this year’s Christmas on Us shop at home promotion.

EAT WELL TO BE WELL: An AGE-less way of eating

Do you like to cook meat with high-temperature, dry-heat cooking methods? You may want to reconsider your style of cuisine.

Research has suggested that harmful compounds known as advanced glycation end products (AGEs), can form when foods are cooked at high temperatures to brown or char foods such as when grilled, broiled roasted, seared, or fried. AGEs can accumulate in the body as we grow older, increasing inflammation and oxidative stress possibly increasing the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, kidney disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and even aging our skin.

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EAT WELL TO BE WELL: What really healthy men eat

There is one thing all men can do to make tremendous health strides – choose really nutritious foods. All men love to eat but there are certain foods that stand out specifically in helping men see major health improvements – reductions in cholesterol and blood pressure levels, improvements in memory, prostate health and even their love life, just to name a few.

USD 454 discusses parent feedback survey

BURLINGAME—A parent feedback survey, conducted by Shana Smith, counselor, was described by Tammy Baird, junior high and high school principal, during the Nov. 11 meeting of the Burlingame USD 454 Board of Education.

Forty-two parents responded to the survey, representing 60 students, including 52.8 percent from high school, 28.1 percent from the junior high, and 19.3 percent from elementary grades.

Property owners contend trail ownership

LYNDON—The Osage County Commission continued discussion of Rails to Trails property with three land owners at it’s regular meeting Monday morning.

Jim Foster, rural Overbrook landowner, brought an update on the charter, which applied to the property used for the trail. Foster said he had discovered a copy of the charter, which said it was revoked in 1984.

Burlingame sets rate for utility transfers

BURLINGAME—The Burlingame City Council set a policy and reduced connection rate for utility customers that move in town.

“We’re trying to be reasonable, someone that’s going to stay in this community, and is in good standing,” said Vikki DeMars, mayor.

The deposit for residential service to a homeowner was previously set at $225. After honoring a recent request to waive the fee for an in-town move in good standing, the council took action to adjust the policy.

“I think we need to have something in writing,” DeMars said.



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